Fancy “Lego” Phone? Try Google’s Project Ara!


Google’s Project Ara is a modular smartphone which could arrive in early 2015 to re-define the market

Are you ready for complete change in phone industry? Well, the change is already official. Project Ara has green light according to a post, which was posted by ATAP – Advanced Technology and Patents department (one of Google’s division) on it’s official Google+ page. There is also one hint in video. It looks like that everything will start at Puerto Rico and that the Market Pilot will begin in 2015.

The concept of Project Ara is very simple. You will have to buy basic model Ara phone and all the other parts, which will make your phone, can be pulled out as you please. Fancy better camera? You will buy one at the specialized Google shop. Something like treasure chest of the components, all made by third parties. Everything from big names like for example Samsung to small independent developers working in their basements. Everything will be covered. This also applies to all other parts; display panels, physical keyboards, modems, wireless modules and so much more.


Project Ara

It is not surprise, that Google has taken opportunity to show something from Project Ara at its Google I/O conference. There has been also a video, which shows Paul Eremenko, who is a project chief how to “built” Ara phone. Eremenko also said, that the goal of Project Ara is to choose smartphone first and than get all the thing you want rather than choosing smartphone based on what is already pre-manufactured and it is fixed. In this case, this would be a perfect phone, which you could customize how you need.


Project Ara


The size of the blocks should be somewhere around as little as 4mm thick. It is also expected that device of Project Ara should not cross 10mm in total thickness.

There has been rumors on the internet, that Project Ara should be buyable project in the beginning of the 2015 and for price as low as 45 Euros (around $50)Project Ara will also have three different sizes: Mini, Medium and Jumbo. This choices will cover all the needs of customers on the market.

Project Ara rear parceling grid for Large, Medium and Mini Configurations; source

Project Ara rear parceling grid for Large, Medium and Mini Configurations; source

If you are developer and you wish to try Project Ara, head over the official site of the project and apply! However, not everyone can qualify for the successful application and you have to agree to the firms standard terms and conditions, because there is not public access yet.

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