Knightscope K5: The World’s First Security Robot

Knightscope K5 - The World's First Security Robot

Silicon Valley has own robotic security guard, called Knightscope K5.

Robotic machines are already replacing some of the jobs people used to do before. I am not sure, whether it is a bad idea or good. Nevertheless, Silicon Valley has witnessed its first robots, that are powered by patrol. These robots were built by Knightscope. They are about 1.5m (5ft) tall and have all sorts of different equipment, for example microphones, speakers and plenty of other sensors. The firm which is responsible for this is expecting dozens of robots powered by petrol by the end of the year and they are called Knightscope K5 Security Guard robots.

Knightscope K5 - Security Robot

Knightscope K5 – Security Robot

The main role of these Knightscope robots is to register and design any suspicious activity and alert the person responsible on duty. They have installed surveillance sensors and cameras , thermal vision, odor detectors and scanners. When they are on duty, they are moving around according to the GPS and lasers, which helps them measure and calculate distances and also LIDAR – light image detection and ranging. The inventors believe, that Knightscope can cut down crime by 50%.

“Imagine a friend, that can see, hear, feel and smell. Friend, that would tirelessly watch over your corporate campus or neighborhood, keep your loved ones safe and put a smile on everyone passing by. Imagine if we could utilize technology to make our communities stronger and safer … together,” says the company. The robot is also capable of reading 300 car number plates per minute, which makes it also a great thing to monitor traffic.

Knightscope K5 - Checking Cars

Knightscope K5 – Checking Cars

 Knightscape robot is fully autonomous. If you step in front of it, it will stop and go around you while they will provide live broadcast to the command center where is someone monitoring the video. The co-founder, Stacy Stephens, said that it will geofence itself and also give itself a perimeter within which it will operate and she also added, that it will choose its own path.

Knightscope K5 - Watching Kids

Knightscope K5 – Watching Kids

Knightscope K5 - With Friends :)

Knightscope K5 – With Friends 🙂


If you, or anyone around you, need an assistance you can simply press button at the top of the robot’s head, which will alert the person, who is watching. See for yourself in the video below, how these cute little things look like in real life:

Knightscope K5: The Security Robot (Video demonstration):


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