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Knightscope K5 - The World's First Security Robot

Knightscope K5: The World’s First Security Robot


Silicon Valley has own robotic security guard, called Knightscope K5. Robotic machines are already replacing some of the jobs people used to do before. I am not sure, whether it is a bad idea or good. Nevertheless, Silicon Valley has witnessed its first robots, that are powered by patrol. These...

Are You Prepared For More Lightning

Are You Prepared For More Lightning?


Cloudy, with a 50 percent change of more lightning. If we continue to go further down the road of global warming, we will have 50 percent more lightning in this century. That will be result of warming temperatures which are connected to climate change. In the journal called Science, in...

SeaOrbiter the floating laboratory

SeaOrbiter: The Floating Laboratory


New floating lab – SeaOrbiter – can help exploring oceans! Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth‘s surface but we know very little about them. We know more about the surfaces of the Moon and the Mars than we know about the Earth’s oceans. Due to the pressure...

DNA-based electrical circuits

DNA as a Part of The Computer!


DNA Wires Can Carry Electric Current! DNA as we know, is the most powerful source of information storage device in human existence. With this powerful features, there is no wonder, that scientists would like to have something as powerful as our DNA also in computing and electronics. Computers have gone...

Ocean Spiral - The Underwater City

Ocean Spiral: The Underwater City


Japan has plans for underwater city! It’s called Ocean Spiral. I always wonder, what will happen, when we run out of space on the surface of the Earth. Now it seems like Japanese firm, has plans for the city under the water. It would cost around 22 billion Euro ($25...

Futuristic Electric Airplane Design

Sneak Peaks of a New Electric Airplanes

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Using plane is the safest form of traveling, even if it doesn’t look like that. Every day, more and more people are using planes, as sometimes it is the only form how to transfer from place A to place B. By 2050, aircraft industry is expecting a seven-fold increase in...

Ecocapsule take your home with you

Ecocapsule: Take Your Home With You!


Are you a writer, who wants to leave everything and focus on your big book? Are you a surfer, who wants to live on the beach? Or are you a wildlife photographer, who spend most of the time hunting for perfect shots? I am sure, that you miss the comfort...

Vein Viewing Technology

Vein Viewing Technology


New technolgy shows nurses where your veins are Do you know that feeling, when the nurse is trying to take blood from your veins, but she doesn’t seem to find them? I always get very nervous, as I don’t want to walk around with multiple small cuts from the injection....

Big Bang Theory Explosion

Pope Francis Accepted Theories of Evolution And Big Bang


We all know the history between science and religion. More conservative Popes, in recent times, have opinion, that scientific ideas are evil, in particular ones, that state, that we are descended from other species. However, things have taken unexpected turn with new Pope Francis. He said, that the Catholic Church...

Underwater Hotel and House

Underwater Hotel & House


Underwater hotel and underwater house, H2OME, will soon be reality We all know, that the sea level is dangerously increasing. With global warming and melting of the icebergs, it is no surprise. Are we ready for the situation, that eventually all the land will be under the water and what...