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Sea Tree – New Home for Birds, Insects and Sea Life


Giant Sea Tree will protect wildlife from the cities Everything on the Earth deserves a place called home. Even animals have their own places, where they feel safe, where they raise their young ones and where they sleep. And we are not doing particularly well in coexisting with these creatures living...


The Fastest Stars in the Universe can Approach Light Speed


The idea of stars moving out of our galaxy at a speed of a couple million miles per hours is unbelievable. At the Harvard University, astrophysicists Avi Loeb and James Guillochon created analysis, which shows them, that the stars could move at incredible speed. The results are theoretical, so we don’t know...

Will Submarine be Able to Travel at Supersonic Speed?


Chinese scientists are creating technology that can make submarine travel at speed of sound The key technology to achieve that submarines will be able to travel at supersonic speed has been around for decades. It is called supercavitation. The main idea of this technology is that we can increase the speed...


Atypical Signal from Space could be from Dark Matter


Did scientists finally prove that there is Dark Matter in the Universe? The researchers involved in a project in which the main focus was on X-ray data gathered from Universe believe, that they did prove the existence of the Dark Matter. Up till now, the substance has been purely hypothetical,...


Fuel out of Air? Graphene is the Answer.


Discovery that could revolutionize fuel cell technology We all know, that graphene is the world’s thinnest, strongest and the most impermeable material, that allow protons to pass through it. With all these properties, there are a number of possible uses of graphene. One of them, quite surprising, raises the possibility that graphene...


Scientists Know the Connection Between Sleep and Memory


Can we manipulate memories while we sleep? Connection between sleep and memory has been known already a hundred years. We also know, that our brain is capable of doing some incredible things, while we are asleep. Scientists now discovered, how the brain produce special chemicals while we sleep. This process is...

US Navy has First Laser Gun


The laser gun can blow up drones and also boats US Navy has stepped up the game with the equipment they possess now. The latest addition to the arsenal is a laser gun on sophisticated warship. This system was deployed the end of the summer this year for testing, which will...


Graphene Could Make Better Bulletproof Vests


Graphene is now able to withstand flying bullet! Graphene is the thinnest material on the Earth, just one atom wide. It is also stronger than steel. Graphene has many attributes, that makes it very versatile and can be used in many different fields. The newest use of graphene happened at...

Your heart has own brain

Your Heart Has Own Brain!


“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”                                                                                                                       Aristotle Have you ever heard about the Institute of HearthMath? No? Don’t worry. This Institute is a nonprofit research and education organization, which helps people reduce stress, learn to regulate emotions and build energy and resilience...

Elevator that moves horizontally

This Elevator Moves Horizontally and Vertically!


Maglev elevator moves horizontally as well as vertically To be honest, I don’t think, that I can imagine being without elevator. The elevator is feature, that all skyscrapers have. Recently, there has been a huge change of the elevators as we know them now. I bet, that you have heard...

Volvo 360 degrees scan

No Fatal Accidents on Roads By 2020, Volvo Says


Volvo promises no fatal accidents by 2020 with their new technology The number of people, who die in the car accident every day is really alarming. The reasons, why this happen, are countless and we should never underestimate anything. Volvo, as one of the biggest company producing cars, set for...