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Permafrost – The Time Bomb That Could Kill Us


Permafrost is key to the planet’s future. Even though that permafrost covers around 24% of exposed land in the Northern Hemisphere, not many people know what it is. Permafrost is permanently frozen ground over more than 2 years with the temperature permanently under 0°C.  Permafrost occurs at high latitudes and...


Fancy “Lego” Phone? Try Google’s Project Ara!


Google’s Project Ara is a modular smartphone which could arrive in early 2015 to re-define the market Are you ready for complete change in phone industry? Well, the change is already official. Project Ara has green light according to a post, which was posted by ATAP – Advanced Technology and Patents...


The Falkirk Wheel – Two Canals Circuit


The Falkirk Wheel – the world’s first and only rotating boat lift. Since the opening in 2002, the Falkirk Wheel became undoubtedly one of the most important thing, that happened in the region. It is located near the town Falkirk in Central Scotland. The Falkirk Wheel connects Forth & Clyde Canal...


Epecuen – The City Under The Water


This city was cover with water for 30 years. This is how it looks now. Villa Epecuen is located southwest of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Great location near the lake  of the Laguna Epecuen guaranteed, that this city was very lively and the population used to be...

Change Your Gene & DNA With Simple Thought!


Scientists created a gene network that can be controlled by thoughts. Power of thoughts is really remarkable. It can change our thinking about certain things and it can reasure us that what we know, what we believe in is right. Martin Fussenegger, professor at ETH Zurich also know the power...


This Man is Able to Survive Without Heart!


No heart? No problem! At least this works for Craig Lewis. This 55 year old man was dying from a heart condition, that was causing build-ups ups of abnormal proteins and no one could help him. He was “dead“. But as resourceful as humans are, two doctors from Texas Heart...


Remote, That Might Actually Be Universal

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Meet NEEO  – the thinking remote We all know the real struggle with finding the right remote. You want to change TV channel, turn up the volume when you play your favorite CD and you have to reach out for basket (or whatever you are storing your remotes in) and...


CERN Discovered Two New Particles


Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) in CERN detected “never-seen-before” particles The newest two particles were added to the baryon family. Known under names Xi_b’- and Xi_b*-, they have been detected by Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. LHC is the largest particle accelerator in the world. The new particles are result of...


An Everlasting Storm – Catatumbo lightning


This storm has 1 million lightning strikes a year. Do you like storms? If you do, there is a perfect place for you. This place is just above a swampy patch of Northwestern Venezuela, where the river Catatumbo meets with lake Maracaibo. Catatumbo lightning appears almost every night with average...

Zombies_The_Real_Story_of_Undead_(Part 1)1

Zombies – The Real Story of Undead (Part 3)


More modern cases of zombies of Haiti. If the Davis’ research was valid of not, there are more modern studies that are involving real zombies. The English medical journal The Lancet published incredible article on October 11, 1997 edition, volume 350, examining three clinical cases of actual zombification in south of Haiti from...

Zombies_The_Real_Story_of_Undead_(Part 1)1

Zombies – The Real Story of Undead (Part 2)


The curious cases of zombies Felicia Felix-Mentor and Clairvius Narcisse. In the first article, I explained some basic things for better understanding, what is zombie and how one could become zombie. In this article, we will look closer at actual cases of zombies of Haiti.  The first person, who decided to...

Zombies_The_Real_Story_of_Undead_(Part 1)1

Zombies – The Real Story of Undead (Part 1)


Many people may not realize that zombies are considered to be very real. Without a doubt, there are places in the world, which have the word “weird” written all over it. One of those places is the Island nation of Haiti. 80 to 90 percent Haitians practice or believe  in...


Mystery of dunes on Saturn’s moon Titan solved!


Scientists are investigating how powerful rogue winds shape the somewhat Earth-like landscape on moon Titan. Saturn has 62 Moons which entitles him to the second place in the rank of the planets with the most moons. The first one, of course is Jupiter, with 67 moons. Some of them don’t...