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Scientists discovered another Earth!

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Meet Kepler-186f – the another Earth like planet outside our galaxy. This might be it. NASA discovered another Earth – planet that is very similar to the Earth by using Kepler Space Telescope. It is the first planet, which has got also similar size as the Earth. It was discovered...


Permafrost – The Time Bomb That Could Kill Us


Permafrost is key to the planet’s future. Even though that permafrost covers around 24% of exposed land in the Northern Hemisphere, not many people know what it is. Permafrost is permanently frozen ground over more than 2 years with the temperature permanently under 0°C.  Permafrost occurs at high latitudes and...


Epecuen – The City Under The Water


This city was cover with water for 30 years. This is how it looks now. Villa Epecuen is located southwest of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Great location near the lake  of the Laguna Epecuen guaranteed, that this city was very lively and the population used to be...


An Everlasting Storm – Catatumbo lightning


This storm has 1 million lightning strikes a year. Do you like storms? If you do, there is a perfect place for you. This place is just above a swampy patch of Northwestern Venezuela, where the river Catatumbo meets with lake Maracaibo. Catatumbo lightning appears almost every night with average...


Sea Tree – New Home for Birds, Insects and Sea Life


Giant Sea Tree will protect wildlife from the cities Everything on the Earth deserves a place called home. Even animals have their own places, where they feel safe, where they raise their young ones and where they sleep. And we are not doing particularly well in coexisting with these creatures living...

Where did the water come from

Where Did the Water Come From?


Life on the Earth as we know it now, would not be possible without the water. Water, as many other things, is essential to life. But do you know where did the water come from? According to new study of ancient meteorites, this “majestic blue mass” was here, since our planet was...

Gliese 581 System

“100% Chance” For Life On Newly Found Planet


Four inner planets of the Gliese 581 system and their host star in an artist rendering. A team of astronomers have discovered a planet like Earth, with basic conditions suitable for life, 20 light years (120 trillion miles) from our planet. ”The chances for life on this planet are 100...

Asteroid Close To Earth

Astronomer Claims Asteroid Will Make Dangerously Close FlyBy In 2026

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After preliminary tracking of a recently discovered asteroid, one Italian astronomer is making the case for a close flyby in 13 years. The new data suggest asteroid 2013 GM3, which is roughly 65 feet in diameter, will pass “dangerously close” to Earth on April 14, 2026. Francesco Manca of the Sormano Astronomical Observatory (OAS) near Milan, Italy,...