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Mount Reinebringen

27 Incredible Views You’d Only See If You Were A Bird


1. Bern, Switzerland 2. Mount Reinebringen, Norway 3. Vancouver, British Columbia 4. Nördlingen, Germany 5. Sydney, Australia 6. Vatican City, Rome 7. Island in the Maldives 8. Moscow, Russia 9. Orange County, Florida 10. Barcelona, Spain 11. Amsterdam, Netherlands 12. Shanghai, China 13. San Francisco, California 14. Chicago, Illinois 15. Athens, Greece 16. Turin, Italy 17. New York City, N.Y. 18. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 19. Mogadishu, Somalia 20. Cape Town, South...

New Battery Design

New Battery Design Could Help Solar And Wind Power The Grid


Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have designed a low-cost, long-life battery that could enable solar and wind energy to become major suppliers to the electrical grid. “For solar and wind power to be used in a significant way, we need...

The Kaufmann Residence – House Designed in 1935

The Kaufmann Residence – House Designed in 1935


The Kaufmann Residence — more commonly known as Fallingwater — is a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. Located in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, the home was built partially over a waterfall and was hailed by Time magazine as Wright’s most beautiful work. Fallingwater was designated a National Historica Landmark in...

Easy Drafting Pen

Easy Drafting Pen Concept


If you have ever drafted by hand for work or pleasure, you know that straight lines are hard to sketch or trace by pen or pencil without something as your guide – and laying down the ruler, triangle or square each time takes, well, time. What if you could just...

Bicycle which can fold as backpack

Bergmonch Folding Bike Pack


There’s nothing quite like a bike ride down some rugged terrain, but the way up can be a completely different story. Having to carry a bike up during your climb can be quite the nuisance, and the Folding Backpack Bicycle is here to solve that problem. This incredible Bergmönch, which...

Electrical Clothing

New Electrical Clothing Can Charge Your Cell Phone


One of the future inventions that could greatly impact our lives are nanoribbons. Rubber films developed by engineers at Princeton University could power mobile devices and other electronic devices. The silicone sheets are embedded with ceramic nanoribbons (piezoelectric ribbons) that generate electricity when flexed, converting mechanical energy to electrical energy....

Charge Phone With a Beer

Charge Your Phone With a Cold Beer


The Epiphany One Puck project on Kickstarter is looking to charge up your phone by harnessing the power of hot and cold drinks. The Epiphany One Puck may well be the world’s most awesome coaster. It may also be the most useful. The One Puck doesn’t just protect your coffee...

Talk Gloves

Enable Talk Gloves


Four Ukrainian students have created gloves that allow speech- and hearing-impaired people to communicate with those who don’t use or understand sign language. The gloves are equipped with sensors that recognize sign language and translate it into text on a smart phone, which then converts the text to spoken words....

Indoor Cloud

Indoor Clouds


That’s not Photoshop. The Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has developed a way to create a small, perfect white cloud in the middle of a room. It requires meticulous planning: the temperature, humidity and lighting all have to be just so. Once everything is ready, Smilde summons the cloud out of...

Handcrafted Pencil-Art Design

Awesome Handcrafted Pencil-Art Design


Equipped with a box of pencils and some carving tools, a Hungarian artist known simply as cerkahegyzo manages to produce incredibly detailed miniature sculptures. Each creation is constructed entirely out of its respective pencil, utilizing the wood and lead as its base and body. Cerkahegyzo uses the fine blades of...

Luminous Fiber Optics

Luminous Fiber Optics Bed Cover


Here is one way to add a little futuristic style to your lackluster bedroom–introduce a little fiber optic lighting technology to jazz up your bed. It’s an electric blanket of sorts, but instead of giving you a little warmth when you need it, this blanket emits a little luminescence. It...