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Electric Formula

How It Works: The Electric Racecar


This is the first year of new fully electric formula series. Its name is Formula E and it is run by FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) which also runs F1. In fact, Formula E was devised as a complimentary series to the top-notch Formula 1. The new electric series will...

Lighting Science Bulb

Tired? Wired? This Bulb Can Help


This bulb may look and even shine like any other light bulb, but this LED lamp developed by Lighting Science can actually make people feel more energized or sleepy on command. NASA even plans to use this technology on the International Space Station to help astronauts with their sleep (they...

TrackingPoint Rifle

The U.S. Army Is Testing Auto-Aiming Rifles


So far, guns made by a company called TrackingPoint has been used only by wealthy hunters. The company makes weapons that have integrated electronic targeting system that can make a rookie shooter look like an experienced marksman. Now, the U.S. army has decided to buy several of these weapons to...

Black Box

Why We Haven’t Built A Better Black Box


We already know that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has, with all likelihood, crashed into the Indian Ocean. But the chance to find out more about its story is getting slimmer, as the plane’s black box sends a sonic ping, a kind of emergency signal, only for 30 days. People have...

5g internet

South Korea’s 5G – Download Full Movie In One Second


1.5 billion dollars is the amount of money that Korea’s science ministry will invest in creating a superfast 5G wireless coverage by 2020. The ministry wants to achieve speeds that would allow downloading an 800 megabytes large movie in a single second. It also plans to provide internet connection aboard...

Lost Plane

3 New Ideas For Finding Lost Planes

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As the seemingly endless search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 showed, the technology used for locating a lost aircrafts are badly in need of upgrading. When an aircraft crashes at sea, it often shatters to countless parts, which can be carried away for miles and miles across the vast ocean....

What Causes Global Warming

What Causes Global Warming?


Some of the natural changes in Europe’s climate over the past 1,000 years, including the deadly, cold winters of the 16th and 18th centuries, can be actually explained by variations in sun’s activity. According to the Earth scientists, the solar output drops correlate with the cool-down periods in the North...

Xbox One vs PS4

Next-gen Consoles in Crisis?


Since the new flagship consoles – Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One – were released in late November last year, both companies have been shouting all kinds of sales numbers to show they sell better than their counterpart. However, neither Sony nor Microsoft have reasons to be very happy about...

Facebook tricks

Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

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  Disable Read Receipt Everyone has a friend or client who messages them just a little too much on Facebook. And by default, as soon as you’ve read their message, they will see a note that the message has been read. This puts the pressure on you to respond to the message...

Future House

14 Most Technologically Advanced Houses of the World


As technology advances, so do our homes. Some technologies have yet to become common in every household, but there was a time when not all houses had television sets. Here is a glimpse at some of the most technologically advanced and somewhat expensive homes, which have features that might someday...


Free Internet for the Entire Planet?


Outernet wants to use tiny satellites to take the whole world online, even in countries where dictators wish they wouldn’t. Welcome the Outernet. The implications of free Internet for the entire planet are vast. Cheaper access from Internet providers is probably more of an immediate impact than change in North Korea,...