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Piezoelectric generator is only one atom wide

Piezoelectric Generator – World’s Smallest Electric Generator


World’s smallest piezoelectric generator is only one atom wide On October 15th, 2014 team, which involved researches and engineers, both from Columbia Engineering and the Georgia Institute of Technology, revealed, that they have made the first thinnest electric generator. This was published online, in Nature, by lead author Wenzhou Wu...

Where did the water come from

Where Did the Water Come From?


Life on the Earth as we know it now, would not be possible without the water. Water, as many other things, is essential to life. But do you know where did the water come from? According to new study of ancient meteorites, this “majestic blue mass” was here, since our planet was...

Glowing Highway of the Future

Glowing Highway of the Future


In a small town southwest of Amsterdam, there lies a stretch of road with no streetlights. There would be nothing weird in this, however, along some 4.500m (15.000ft) of the Highway N329, cars are following stripes of green pain, that is illuminating the edges of the road. It looks like...

eTree - solar powered tree

eTree – The World’s First Solar-Powered Tree


Israeli engineers are introducing eTrees Who said that energy cannot grow on the trees? Israeli engineers created eTree, that can make energy. If you are interested in solar energy and high tech fields, you know that frenetic Israeli brains are really one of the best in this field. Now, they...

Prepared For Extraterrestrial Contact

Are You Prepared For Extraterrestrial Contact?


It looks like that nowadays, people are not talking about anything else, but extraterrestrial life. First, controversial video from Lockheed Martin scientists (check it out in the article: Are Aliens Real), now US top astronomers met with congress to tell them, that extraterrestrial life exists without question. The main argument is the...

Sneezing Inside Airplane

What Happens When You Sneeze Inside Airplane?


Have you ever wondered how particles travel throughout the whole cabin inside airplane when you sneeze? Sitting in an airplane has already so many disadvantages. The space is already very limited, circulation of the air inside is not so great and all of sudden person next to you sneezes. This...

Are Aliens Real

Are Aliens Real? (Shocking Video Included)


Are aliens real? Lockheed Martin scientists say YES! If you know, how big universe is, you must have been at least once thinking, who or what is out there. Many people are still asking question – Are aliens real?  There is no way, that we can know for sure. But it seems...