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3 Archaeology Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind

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What are the true origins of humanity? These archaeology discoveries will help you understand! There are days when I wonder, where did we come from. What was before us. What was before everything. There is no certain answer to it. I think, that archaeology is one of the best tools...

Scientific Explanation Behind The Dress


Why some people see the dress as blue and black, and some as gold and white? Unless you have been living under the rock, you heard about “the dress”. It has been a long time since Internet split into two parts and argue over something small as a dress. Either...


Mummified Monk Found Inside Chinese Buddha Statue


CT scan revealed 1000-year-old mummified monk inside of a statue It looks like Meander Medical Center in Netherlands hit jackpot. Their recent discovery could be the real deal. In a nearly 1000 year old Buddha statue they found hidden mummy. The mummified monk recieved CT scan and scientists also took...


“UFO” At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea


Researchers exploring “UFO-shaped” object say their gear stops working when they approach Stefan Hogerborn is a professional diver. He is also part of the Ocean X team which is exploring UFO at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. While there might not be anything special or suspicious about this particular...


NASA Unveils the Dark Side of The Moon


How Moon looks like from the Earth, we already know. But what about the dark side of the moon? Images from the Universe are always fascinating, no matter how often we have seen them. They have some sort of exclusivity, some form of uniqueness because we don’t get to see...


Does Afterlife Exists? Scientist Proved Existence of the Soul


Harvard Neurosurgeon Proved Existence of the Soul There has been countless reports from people who claimed that they experience afterlife. They returned and shared their stories. In between those people, there is one who stands out from the crowd. Dr. Eben Alexander. Harvard trained neurosurgeon of 25 years. His story is...


Scientists revealed the truth behind crop circles!

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Scientific studies confirm: “crop circles are made by balls of light” There are not so many people on the Earth who are really interested in crop circles. What I mean is that there are people who devoted their whole life to study crop circles and find out what causes them....


Sansevero Chapel – Mystery of the “Anatomical Machines”

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Sansevero Chapel was once place of worship for Sansevero Family, then transformed into their burial chapel and now museum, which holds some very strange objects. Sansevero Chapel is located northwest of the church of San Domenico Maggiore, in the historic center of Naples, Italy. First mention about Sansevero Chapel dates...


Epecuen – The City Under The Water


This city was cover with water for 30 years. This is how it looks now. Villa Epecuen is located southwest of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Great location near the lake  of the Laguna Epecuen guaranteed, that this city was very lively and the population used to be...


An Everlasting Storm – Catatumbo lightning


This storm has 1 million lightning strikes a year. Do you like storms? If you do, there is a perfect place for you. This place is just above a swampy patch of Northwestern Venezuela, where the river Catatumbo meets with lake Maracaibo. Catatumbo lightning appears almost every night with average...

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Zombies – The Real Story of Undead (Part 3)


More modern cases of zombies of Haiti. If the Davis’ research was valid of not, there are more modern studies that are involving real zombies. The English medical journal The Lancet published incredible article on October 11, 1997 edition, volume 350, examining three clinical cases of actual zombification in south of Haiti from...

Zombies_The_Real_Story_of_Undead_(Part 1)1

Zombies – The Real Story of Undead (Part 2)


The curious cases of zombies Felicia Felix-Mentor and Clairvius Narcisse. In the first article, I explained some basic things for better understanding, what is zombie and how one could become zombie. In this article, we will look closer at actual cases of zombies of Haiti.  The first person, who decided to...

Zombies_The_Real_Story_of_Undead_(Part 1)1

Zombies – The Real Story of Undead (Part 1)


Many people may not realize that zombies are considered to be very real. Without a doubt, there are places in the world, which have the word “weird” written all over it. One of those places is the Island nation of Haiti. 80 to 90 percent Haitians practice or believe  in...