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Big Bang Theory Explosion

Pope Francis Accepted Theories of Evolution And Big Bang


We all know the history between science and religion. More conservative Popes, in recent times, have opinion, that scientific ideas are evil, in particular ones, that state, that we are descended from other species. However, things have taken unexpected turn with new Pope Francis. He said, that the Catholic Church...

Mount Reinebringen

27 Incredible Views You’d Only See If You Were A Bird


1. Bern, Switzerland 2. Mount Reinebringen, Norway 3. Vancouver, British Columbia 4. Nördlingen, Germany 5. Sydney, Australia 6. Vatican City, Rome 7. Island in the Maldives 8. Moscow, Russia 9. Orange County, Florida 10. Barcelona, Spain 11. Amsterdam, Netherlands 12. Shanghai, China 13. San Francisco, California 14. Chicago, Illinois 15. Athens, Greece 16. Turin, Italy 17. New York City, N.Y. 18. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 19. Mogadishu, Somalia 20. Cape Town, South...