Are Aliens Real? (Shocking Video Included)

Are Aliens Real

Are aliens real? Lockheed Martin scientists say YES!

If you know, how big universe is, you must have been at least once thinking, who or what is out there. Many people are still asking question – Are aliens real?  There is no way, that we can know for sure. But it seems like senior scientist from Lockheed Martin company, Boyd Bushman was convicted that aliens are real. Before he died on August 7th 2014, he made the video, that recently started to gain a lot of attention. Some people call it controversial, some people don’t know what to think about it.

At the beginning of the 33-minute long video, he confirms, that he has got a top secret clearance. He also said, that the intelligent people and himself  working at Area 51 believe, that certain dark facts should be made available for society to know and see.

“I am a scientist. I do not believe in the theory. Following the data begins,” said Bushman and continues that if something can be verified by physical test, that something is true. He said that everything what he is going to be presented are data.

Real Alien

In the next part, he is sharing details about UFO‘s above Phoenix. Sharing photo evidence, that his friend, Scot Feree, took, who also shares his story, how did the pictures were taken.

“The following day I uploaded photos onto my laptop and I notice some lights that I really didn’t expect to see up above Santa Catalina mountains. And by closer inspection, as I really ran out of contrast, I ended up with something that I cannot explain to this day.” said Feree and shows original photo and then he shows another picture taken 5 second later. After that, he stated that this image or lights didn’t appear on any other pictures he took.

After that Boyd Bushman shows pictures on which it seems to be actual alien ships (it is a bit blurry) and explaining how they travel where is their home planet. According to Bushman, their home planet is called Quintumnia. It’s located 68 light years away from Earth, but it takes aliens only 45 minutes to travel to our planet.

Space Travel

Space Travel

Now the question is who are they. Former top aerospace scientist is sharing pictures of the real aliens and continues: “They are approximately four and a half to five feet tall. Eyes are different. The nose is different, but they do have five fingers, five toes.”

Aliens do not speak, as they are telepathic mind readers. “They are able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you”, he said. “You walk in the room with one of them an all of sudden you find yourself giving the answer to your question in your own voice.”

According to Bushman, there are two groups of aliens. “The first group is called Wranglers and the second one is Rustlers – the stealers of cattle”. The wranglers are supposedly much more friendly and have better relationships with humans.

See the full video below this article and make opinion for yourself. So, are aliens real – do you believe that there is another form of life out there, or you do not?

Boyd Bushman – Last Interview: Are aliens real? (Video):

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